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  • Mrs. Solano


    Powerful words have the ability to transport readers into the heart of a story. One of my goals is to inspire CCHS students to use their own words to impact others. When we chose the name “The Beacon” for our online publication, I was instantly drawn to the idea of shining a positive light on our community. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with such talented writers and producers. I look forward to many years of teaching young people to appreciate the craft of interviewing, writing, and producing, while they also aspire to their own Journalism goals.

    Caden Goff

    Senior Sports Correspondent

    I was never an avid writer and to be honest, I never expected to do anything that involved writing. However, after joining the Journalism class, I’m learning about the impact and the influence people have on our community and that has changed my view of writing. I learned that being a Journalist is more than just obtaining and spreading news. It has taught me that much of the news being spread about many topics is largely false. Therefore, I want to be the one to stay true to what really happens in our world.

    Savannah Mochrie

    Senior Fine Arts Academy Correspondent

    There is nothing I love more than learning new things. Journalism has given me an outlet to not only educate myself about topics I’d never approach, but also be able to share this information with those around me. Writing used to be one of my biggest struggles, but now I want to inspire other students and show them that if you apply yourself, you can produce something amazing.

    Charlie Reynolds

    Senior Copy Editor

    For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to pursue a career in journalism. I have wanted to be the person to break the story, uplift those who have experienced heartbreak and disaster, help others tell, share, and celebrate their stories, to illuminate the obscured corners of the world. After high school, I plan on attending the University of Georgia as a Journalism major.

    Emily Tovar

    Senior Correspondent

    Writing for me opens up a door of opportunity to discover. Whether it is learning about new people, their individual traits, thoughts, or ideas, writing helps me understand everything has some meaning to it. I want to study Natural Resource Management and Ecology in hopes to acquire a Park Ranger job position. I believe that this class will surely benefit me in succeeding in my dream job.

    Haven Perkins

    Junior Correspondent

    Writing is, and will continue to be, a major part of my life. Writing helps me connect to other people in ways I cannot alone and expand my knowledge about various topics. I have always had a preference for writing about people’s lives and to share this admiration with others is my goal. I hope to continue Journalism at Georgia Southern and into my adult life.

    Mallory Taylor

    Freshman Community Correspondent

    I love numerous aspects of Journalism, but something I love the most about writing is learning new techniques about writing. I've always had a passion for writing. One day, I desire to pursue a profession in writing in the future. Journalism has improved my writing ability in various ways. It has taught me multiple skills and continues to make me a better writer.

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